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The city is crumbling. It doesn't have to be this way.
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The Future of Los Angeles is at Stake.
We are in a crisis of public confidence.

It doesn't have to be that way.
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Together, we can craft a better city, one that works for everyone.
Together, we can Rise Together.

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Los Angeles is at a crossroads of opportunity unlike any in the city's history. We face a gap in public confidence: everyday people no longer believe that anything they do can or will matter. But it doesn't have to be this way. Rise Together is working to convince Angelenos from every walk of life, every background, every profession, every neighborhood that the power in this city is by the people, of the people, and for the people. Life doesn't have to be a zero-sum fight between activists and business, between unions and innovators, between the rich and the poor, or the right and the left. Instead, Los Angeles can be a city where we all rise together.

What does that mean? It starts with a belief in change. We're running a citywide outreach campaign to convince all Angelenos that change is possible, and that the power to make it happen is in their hands. We must believe. That's the first step. It doesn't matter what policy you want to debate, or who's running, if we don't all first believe in change. But it's not going to happen when we play business as usual with our city government and politicians, a system that's not built to serve the people of Los Angeles. Now is the time for the people of this city to demand a new type of leader who focuses on issues that bring us together, not pit us against each other. Now is the time to bridge our divides and build a better Los Angeles. We need fresh voices focused on the issues that matter most to the people of this city. And supporters from every side of those issues to come together and focus on how we solve them together.

Rise Together is bringing together all those who believe in change to create the single largest grassroots coalition of everyday people in the city. Through outreach, forums, advertising, rallies, and more, we will make sure that the voice of the people is heard. This isn't about what politicians have to say to you - this is about what you, the public, have to say to them. We are here to bring more voices to the table, and to amplify those voices in every race.

That's our goal. That's our purpose. We are Rise Together.

Angelenos are nearly unanimous in their priorities: homelessness, affordability, and crime & policing. But nearly two-thirds also believe their elected leaders don't share those priorities.

We can change things. The power is with us.

Our 2022 elections are a make-or-break moment for Los Angeles. Real change and practical progress are possible. A focus on the middle ground—the areas where we agree—is the way forward.

And it comes with your vote.

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Together, we will bring the public together.
And together, they will believe in their elected leadership once again.
We will all rise together.

Rise Together is a new 501(c)4 looking to up-end politics as usual in Los Angeles, by leveraging the long-dormant power of the public narrative. The organization seeks to use innovative and cost-effective consumer marketing to re-engage and re-invest the general public in advance of the 2022 elections, to convince them that progress is possible, and it comes from the middle. And so goes the public, so goes the city: with that change, we can shift the ground under campaigns, inspire and educate the public, and protect the city from extremism. We can ensure that 2022 is an election focused on the people's concerns, and hold officials and candidates accountable