Rise Together

Frequently Asked Questions

Rise Together is a 501(c)4 non-profit dedicated to re-engaging everyday Angelenos to believe that their choices matter – and to drive them to select leadership focused on change and common ground.  We are conducting an outreach, education, and awareness campaign to help the public see what real change in this city can mean with solutions in homelessness, affordability, crime, and more – all based values of transparency, anti-corruption, accountability, and empathy.

Our goal?  The entire city believes in, and votes for, change.

We do two things.  First, we’re here to build awareness and education among everyday Angelenos around the 2022 elections—based in fact and building on common ground.  Too often, people wait til the last minute to pay attention, or they rely on candidates, who manipulate slogans and take facts out of context.  We are working, now, to engage voters.

Second, we are assembling the single largest grassroots coalition of everyday Angelenos from all walks of life into a single movement focused on change in this city.  And as we build that movement, we are directing it to action: rallies, forums, and public pressure to focus on what the public wants to say, not what politicians want us to hear.  As we get closer to the election, we’ll have transparent endorsements, pledges, and more.

We need everyone to believe in change.  And we need to make sure people vote for change.  Those are our two goals.

You receive weekly emails, and we will reach out with webinars, events, and asks for your support from time to time.  There is no cost to you; signing up is free.  You can unsubscribe at any time.

The shift in date for the 2022 elections means that our citywide elections will align with federal off-cycle elections.  Instead of being standalone in odd years, they are now instead at the same time as Senator, Governor, and the House of Representatives.  Which means a whole lot more people will already be showing up at the ballot box to vote for these races.  We want them to vote in city races, too—and be informed in doing so.  How many?  Most citywide races had around 400,000 votes on average for the last 50 years.  In 2022, up to 800,000 new people could be voting, bringing that total to 1.2 million people, three times the average. This is a flood of new city voters.  What they believe and how they vote matters.

2022 may seem far off, but if we don’t start now, it will be more of the same.  People in the city don’t believe anything can change.  We have to show up now and switch those beliefs before the campaign begins in earnest.  Time is running out—May 2021 to November 2021 is the best time to get out in front of any and every person to help them believe in the power of change and the future…before candidates start trying to bend the truth.

For far too long, too few voices have dominated the conversation. Bringing as many voices as possible together, and making them the loudest voice is what matters. More voices bring transparency, accountability, and real change.  In a city with 4 million people, fewer than 400,000 people usually vote, and that’s not ok.  Things only change when more people believe change is possible, and when we amplify those beliefs to drive those people to action, to deliver that change.  That’s our goal – to amplify the diverse voices of everyday folks from all walks of life.  To amplify issues that affect people’s everyday lives so that we’re more connected to our city, each other, and our elected officials in ways that bring real change.

We are focused on educating the public and giving them facts and a voice.  It is our belief that they will build on common ground, from a place of transparency, accountability, empathy, and progress.  For now, we are only focused on that mission.  There are and will be candidates aligned with our philosophy of change and honesty.  After the candidates in each race are clear in December of 2021, we will have a transparent and public endorsement process.  But our primary focus will always be educating the public so that they can make informed decisions and have clear, open conversations on the issues that most affect them.  Our job is to amplify the voices of the public, not to speak for them.

This is not about right or left.  This is about common ground.  We believe that a values-oriented and fact-based conversation on the merits of any policy is the best way forward.  And there are plenty of people to lead the policy debate; our role is to create the space where that debate can happen.

It doesn’t matter who the band is if the auditorium is empty.  We are here to make sure that the audience shows up, and is informed, engaged, and looking at the facts.  Then, they get to decide what their positions are and who they support.  Our position is the sole position of a fact-based conversation between the public and their leaders.  The outcome of that conversation is up to the public.

We are a values-oriented organization.  We believe in greater equality and a fairer society.  We believe in a helping hand to those who need it most, and policy built from empathy.  We believe in good pay for good jobs.  We are anti-corruption and vehemently pro-transparency.  We believe that business can help people, and government can, too.  We believe that there are cost-effective solutions for every problem, and that leaders need to take hard stances and have a backbone.  However, do not believe in ideological puritanism, and we are not far right or far left.  We believe in common ground over differences, and that everyone can rise in the tide, together.  We do not believe in zero-sum politics.  We believe everyone can win, together.

Outreach, education, and awareness.  Bringing as many people as possible into our coalition, and then building education and awareness about the issues and the facts in an empowering way.  We use press, paid media, and person-to-person outreach to spread our message and sign up more people.  We use press, outreach, and events to amplify the voice of the public.  We are here to spread our message of common ground and progress using every channel, including outdoor, email, direct mail, social, and digital.  Things are bad in LA.  It doesn’t have to be this way, and we need everyone to see that, believe it, and take action to change it—by voting for change.   People need to see they can make a difference, and we’re here to help them realize that fact, and empower their choices to show up.  That’s our sole focus.

We are a diverse group of people from all walks of life, all economic levels, backed by hundreds of everyday people just like us.  From a formerly-homeless-now-PhD black trans advocate to an Indian film producer to a female fitness entrepreneur to a mom to a marketer to a lawyer to a gig worker…our leadership, our backers, our supporters are by the people and for the people.  And our sole goal is to return government in LA to be the same: of the people, by the people, for the people.

No one individual is providing financial backing.  We’ve received hundreds of donations from $25 to several thousand dollars.  And we’re always raising money – because every dollar we raise goes into our marketing campaign.  No fancy consultants, no paid staff.  All volunteer, all the time.  As a 501c4, we don’t disclose an individual list of donors.  We are pleased to report no single person is responsible for our organization.