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The Change We Bring

The number one question we get as an organization is "How will you bring change, and what changes?"

Our first response is always to remind everyone that the vast majority of Angelenos don’t believe that change is even possible. If you’re wondering what change, you’re at least three steps ahead of the average Angeleno. We have to bring the public, the whole public, along.

It doesn’t matter what change we, or anyone else is promoting, if no one believes that change is possible. So that’s our prime mission and focus.

Second, if you believe in change, the question is not what solutions exist, but who will put them into place. We’ve evaluated more than 40,000 pages of materials, research, and study—everything under the Los Angeles sun.

The solutions are there. What’s missing is the will to implement them.

So what makes us different? You, the public.

We’re all tired of people discussing what policies they want in back rooms. We’re all tired of people pretending like solutions don’t exist. The time is now for us to have a real conversation that includes the public, talking with them instead of at them. We are the only organization focused on engaging the entire body public.

That’s democracy. Real democracy. That’s what’s been missing from LA, and what we’re working to restore: a public conversation about what to do, on the merits, and on the facts.

It would be silly for us to say, let’s involve the public, now let’s dictate to them what to think. But we do have plans…lots of them, to share. Here’s just a few.

This is just a start…and we can do more. But change is nothing without a coalition of the willing and powerful: the public. And we’re building a group of more than 200,000 Angelenos to drive the changes we want to see. How do we do that?

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Here's just a few ways to bring change:


Saturation of our message in every channel, from social to digital to email and outdoor.


Public rallies and candidate forums where we gather in person to hash out the ideas we want to see the most.


A public, transparent endorsement process where every member of our coalition has a voice.


Ongoing, continuous, and loud amplification of the public’s voice to those who need to hear it more: candidates from all races.


Door-to-door outreach through a dedicated volunteer corps.


There’s so much we can do, but we have to do it…together. Every issue is important. Every crisis is at a breaking point. We can save this city, but we have to start now.


First, the people of this city need to believe in change.

Then we need to build change based on common ground, with common-sense, practical solutions.

Let’s get started.

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